Optimal Organization Performance
Navigar follows a three phased approach to optimizing organization performance to meet the requirements of clients at all phases of the Business Process Management lifecycle. While some organizations may be just considering a Process Improvement initiative, other organizaitons may be ready to implement a project while yet others are ready to improve existing processes for continued improvement.
the three phases of development
Three Phases
At Navigar we determine if a BPM project is right for your organization and then follow a strategic approach to deciding which process provides the best return on investment. We follow a series of modeling and simulation exercises to determine the valuation of each potential project.
Requirements During this phase, we gather the necessary requirements through a variety of methods including focus groups, use case diagrams, 'as is' and 'to be' models, and BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation). Results are incorporated into comprehensive requirements documents that ensure all parties have the same expectations of the process and the project.
Design The Design Phase consists of screen designs and layouts, screen navigation, menus error handling and error and informational message definition. Edit criteria and security rules are defined. Interfaces are planned and designed. Standards are incorporated such as BPMN and the Business Motivation Model (BMM).
Develop During the development phase the physical data models are implemented into physical structures. Executables are developed from the design using a variety of languages and technologies including Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and XML Process Definition Language (XPDL).
Test Proper and comprehensive test plans are critical to the success of any project. During this phase tests are planned, documented, and executed. Test Plans are the basis for performing integration, system, and acceptance testing activities.
Deploy During the Deployment Phase, the modifications and or small enhancements to the system will be deployed to the production environment, users are trained, data is converted (as needed), and the system is turned over to the user. This phase includes efforts required to implement the system as well as to resolve any problems identified during the implementation process.
Navigar recognizes that clients are at different phases of the Business Process Management (BPM) lifecycle. While some organizations may be embarking on a single Business Process Improvement (BPI) project, other clients have created Business Process Improvement programs while yet others have brought it to an environment of Continual Process Improvement (CPI).
Client needs are different depending on where they are at on the BPM lifecycle. To accommodate the needs of all clients, Navigar provides Marketing Outreach and Education, a Business Process Competency Center (BPCC), and Staff Augmentation to meet the needs of organizations improving their business processes.