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Navigar's Business Process Management
Navigar offers comprehensive Process Management services that bring your organization from initiating to implementing a project and then moving to an environment of continual process improvement.
Navigar's Grant Allocation and Control White Paper
Navigar Consulting proposes a business process management (BPM) approach to streamlining the grant allocation process to create a faster process with fewer errors and ensuring compliance with grant regulations and requirements.
Navigar's Business Process Competency Center
We recognize that organizations may be at different phases of the BPM Lifecycle. Our Business Process Comptency Center can give your organization the tools and resources that you need whether you are just initiating a BPM project, implementing a BPM project, or in an environment of continual process improvement.
How to Position the Value of BPM Internally
Many organizations are looking at Business Process Management (BPM) projects and understand there is value in BPM. We all know that BPM initiatives will have positive results for our organizations, but so will many other projects. How do we differentiate BPM projects from other internal initiatives? We need to create an understanding of BPM within our organizations, and demonstrate the value in terms of cost savings, increased revenues, improved controls, or efficiencies that will result from the project.
Using Navigarís Permit Automation system
Navigarís Permit Automation system streamlines the permitting process from application submission all the way through project completion. Your local government will have status reports, visibility into permits currently in the process, reporting and analytics, reminders of tasks due, checks and balances to ensure any potential problems are proactively highlighted.
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